Lefkada (Lefkas) island

The island of Lefkada is the 4th in size island of the Ionian Sea. It is located between the islands of Kerkyra (Corfu) and Kefallonia, very near to the southwest coast of the region of Aetoloakarnania of mainland Greece, from which it is separated by a shallow lake.

The tour of the island begins with the bridge that connects it to the mainland of Greece and which provides easy access to and from Lefkada. The homonymous capital city of the island is 385 km from Athens, 420 km from Thessaloniki and 100 km from Igoumenitsa.



a beauteous fisherman’s village

Lygia is a beauteous fisherman’s village on the east coast of the island. The east coast is protected due to its immense environmental and aesthetic value. It shapes magnificent beaches, picturesque ports, quiet bays, combining natural beauty with all the comforts of an organized tourist resort. The magnificent sandy beach fades into crystal waters where swimmers can enjoy a large variety of water sports.

The village of Lygia is less than 5 minutes from th ecity of Lefkada, the capital of the island. From here daily cruises depart for the beautiful Paxoi islands. It is also only 15 minutes from the famous, cosmopolitan Nydri, which is located across the islet Skorpios, owned by the heirs of Onassis. From the port of Nydri there are cruises to the exotic beaches of southwestern Lefkada, Porto Katsiki and Egremnoi.